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The Marjorie McClelland Mysteries by Amy Patricia Meade

The series that started it all!

Successful young writer Marjorie McClelland leads a solitary, comfortable life in the quiet, post-prohibition town of Ridgebury, CT. Her tranquil life is disrupted when Creighton Ashcroft, a British heir with time and money to burn, purchases a deserted mansion with a mysterious history on the outskirts of town. Joining forces with local police detective, Robert Jameson, and his lumbering partner, Patrick Noonan, Marjorie and Creighton find murder, secrets, and mistaken identity at every turn, but will they eventually find love?


“Meade’s debut will strike a chord with fanciers of Dorothy Sayers’s Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“If only Katharine Hepburn, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart were still alive. They would be fabulous in the movie version of Meade’s debut Marjorie McClelland mystery . . . Meade’s kickoff mystery is a winner.” —Booklist

“A vintage-style mystery that will have readers looking for the resolution of Marjorie’s romantic entanglements” —Kirkus Reviews

Million Dollar Baby by Amy Patricia Mead

Ghost of a Chance by Amy Patricia Mead

Shadow Waltz by Amy Patricia Mead

Black Moonlight by Amy Patricia Mead


The Vermont Country Living Mysteries by Amy Patricia Meade

When Medieval tapestries expert, Stella Thornton Buckley, and her forest ranger husband, Nick, make the move from their New York City apartment to a Vermont farmhouse, they find the transition to country life more than daunting. In addition to being saddled with the label of ‘flatlanders’ by the locals, they find themselves contending with leaky air mattresses, eccentric neighbors, and dead bodies in wells, at festivals, and in bedrooms, all while attempting to navigate Vermont dirt roads in their bright yellow Smart Car.


“Likeable leads and unexpected twists.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“Another set of bright young detectives” —Booklist

“Meade successfully segues from her historicals (Black Moonlight) to this snappy yet traditional contemporary. She brings us pitch-perfect dialog, original characters, and enormous potential for a fun series.” —Library Journal


Well-Offed in Vermont by Amy Patricia Mead

Short-Circuited in Charlotte by Amy Patricia Mead



Rosie the Riveter by Amy Patricia Meade

Life is definitely not easy for 32-year old Rosie O’Doyle Keefe, but she can handle working in New York City’s World War II shipyards–until her foreman winds up dead–right after she rebuffed his “requirements” for a promotion.

Never one to sit back and hope for the best, Rosie discovers that everyone who knew the foreman had good reasons to kill him off. She also finds that she has a surprise ally in the darkly handsome police lieutenant Jack Riordan. But Jack also has to produce a viable suspect for his captain in five days–even if it has to be Rosie.

Before long, the mystery spirals onto the streets of wartime New York. With the clock ticking and her freedom on the line, Rosie and Lieutenant Riordan will need to join forces to find the truth and catch the now very desperate killer. . .who may be much closer then they think!


“The research that the Author did shows throughout the book. The study of the language of the times and products in use during the early war years, was to me, an attention to detail that is often lacking in cozy mysteries. Not this book!” —Goodreads reviewer

Don't Die Under the Apple Tree by Amy Patricia Mead


Tish Tarragon Mysteries by Amy Patricia Meade

Hungry for a fabulous new mystery series? Get ready to devour this tantalising new culinary cozy series from Severn House Books.

Letitia ‘Tish’ Tarragon has just moved to Hobson Glen and opened a new restaurant and catering business, Cookin’ the Books Cafe. However she simply can’t avoid getting embroiled in solving local crimes.


“From the pun-filled title to the literature-inspired food, cozy-mystery fans will love Meade’s newest novel. The full cast of characters creates a robust community that will make bibliophiles want to travel to Hobson Glen, Virginia, and partake in some tasty literary delights. Readers of Rita Mae Brown and Joanne Fluke should be excited by this new series.” —Booklist

“Fans of food-themed cozies full of literary puns will be satisfied.” —Publishers Weekly

“Pleasing characters and a challenging mystery.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A fairly straightforward plot with a neat twist at the end, good characters, and a well-drawn location make for a good read.” —The Bookbag

“A thoroughly enjoyable read, good solid mystery, and interesting characters. I would definitely recommend this book.” —Goodreads reviewer

Cookin' the Books by Amy Patricia Mead

The Garden Club Murder by Amy Patricia Mead

The Christmas Fair Killer by Amy Patricia Mead

The Curse of the Cherry Pie by Amy Patricia Mead

Ladle to Grave by Amy Patricia Mead

Of Mushrooms and Matrimony by Amy Patricia Mead

Cold Turkey by Amy Patricia Mead