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Amy Patricia Meade

Amy Patricia Meade


Story Jam school visits by author Amy Patricia Meade


Amy has collaborated with Grammy-nominated recycled materials percussionist, Donald Knaack, to bring a unique storytelling/music program to students of all ages. Called Storyjams, the classroom workshop inspires children to create their own stories while simultaneously teaching them about story structure, sound color, and how rhythm and music can enhance a written narrative or tell a story all its own. Amy’s portion of the program meets the majority of NYS Anchor Standards for Writing. Donald Knaack’s section meets the majority of NYS Music Anchor Standards. Workshops are interactive with each student creating a story to either read aloud or share on the classroom story tree. A jam session & a question and answer session will follow each workshop.

Duration of each classroom presentation is 30 to 45 minutes dependent upon student age and scheduling constraints.

Storytelling school visits by Amy Patricia Meade


In her storytelling classes for children, Amy starts by reading an age appropriate story to the class. She then proceeds to identify the fundamental elements of a story and encourage children to tell their own tale by explaining that all writers work best when they are passionate about the subject matter. Via a series of exercises wherein children select their own story elements and utilise their personal strengths, she sets free their imaginations and reduces the intimidation factor that teacher-assigned writing/storytelling often holds. The class concludes with a question and answer session.

At the end of the session, each child will have created a story to take home to show their parents/carers or to post to the school/class story tree.

Aside from being an important part of the US Common Core Standards, the significance of storytelling in the development of language and literacy is articulated in this speech.


“The children at Shield Road Primary School enjoy creative writing and Ms Meade’s workshop encouraged all children to write creatively. The workshops were well resourced, timely and inclusive.” —Shield Road Elementary, Bristol, UK

“Our students had a great time in Ms Meade’s storytelling class. So much of our curriculum focuses upon grammar and punctuation, it was fun to let the children’s imaginations soar!” —Molly Stark Elementary, Bennington, VT