Amy offers storytelling classes for pupils, students, libraries, and other children’s organisations video conferencing software to any English-speaking or interpretive environment in the world.

In her storytelling classes for young children, Amy starts by reading an age appropriate story to the class. She then proceeds to identify the fundamental elements of a story and encourage children to tell their own tale by explaining that all writers work best when they are passionate about the subject matter. Via a series of exercises wherein children select their own story elements and utilise their personal strengths, she sets free their imaginations and reduces the intimidation factor that teacher-assigned writing/storytelling often holds. The class concludes with a question and answer session.

At the end of the session, each child will have created a story to take home to show their parents/carers or to post to the school/class story tree.

Aside from being an important part of the National Curriculum, the importance of storytelling in the development of language and literacy is articulated in this speech

FEES:  $300US/£250GBP for a day (6 hours) of storytelling classes. $100US/£80GBP for a one hour session.